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Pure Chocolate "MELLOW"
MAHLZEIT's original chocolate is made only using cocoa mass and cocoa powder with a little organic sugar and fresh cream.
This picture shows our packaged chocolate which is good for a present. \925+tax
(chocolate is sold only winter time)
A tray of our original open sandwiches. This is the best for the parties such as birthday party or weddig anniversary or just a friend party.
It will surely satisfy the appetite of the people and make them happier.
By your request, we can be ready to serve many kinds of menues.
This sample, for example, costs \3,000+tax.
Please consult with us about budget. Phone:03-5976-9886
Christmas Stolen
Stolen is famous German bread made only for Christmas. Some German families still make this kind of bread by their own local way.
MAHLZEIT, we make stolen sincerely with good intentions for the people who worship and wait for Christmas.
We make this only from December 1through Christmas Day.
Stolen contains raisin, almond, milk,fresh cream, citrus, ginger, organic walnuts, sugar and brandy.
It lasts many days until Christmas Day. Of course it is good Chrismas present.

Big size: \2000+tax
small size \1300+tax

PIE, TART and Other Menues

MAHLZEIT original cheese cake taste does not betrays the customers' want, for our shefs are specialist for cheese.(2 shefs are chevalier de taste fromage).
This is sold during the summer time while apple pie is not produced) If you like cheese, please try..
(whole size)
\380+tax (quarter size)
MAHLZEIT original apple pie has sweet and really refined taste.
Every our product is simple. If you try this apple pie, you will realize how simple is the best. No extra is needed such as cinnamon or etc.
That's why this pie is so successful to sell. Everybody likes this.
\1500+tax(whole size) \380+tax(quarter)
(Sorry Now Unavailable to buy)
MAHLZEIT original fig tart has very rich taste. We use organic figs and organic walnuts, in additon, abundant almond powder and fresh cream.

\1500+tax (whole size)
\380+tax (quarter size)
MAHLZEIT original banana tart is made with sweet organic banana from Equador with fresh cream with a little sugar.

\1500+tax(whole size)
\380+tax (quarter size)
Cookie bar used Ramon-tree nuts powder which grow in the MAYA's jungle in Guatemara.
In addition to the Mayan nuts, milk,ginger,cinnamon,crove,cardamon are contained.This bar is very nutrious especially effective to stimulate brain working , and ease imsomnia.

\240+tax by 5bars