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MAHLZEIT bread is made with home cultured milk yeast which is the only shop in Japan. This milk yeast is made from healthy well- raised cows browzing chemical free grass.

With this special yeast, we use domestic wheat flour which is free of post harvest chemicals; and mineral water from Southern Alps of Japan, and also, we use mineral-rich rock salt and other organic materials to the fullest extent possible, so as to produce safe, healthy and good tasting traditional European style of bread..

Making good taste of milk yeast bread is rather difficult and it takes much more time and labor than other bread making, but we believe this is the only honest way to offer healthy and happy meal time that never betrays our customers. So, if you feel happy both in heart and health by eating our bread with cheese, wine; that means it is our pleasure too, feeling MAHLZEIT is always with you and your family.

Supreme European Tate Bread made with home cultured milk yeast